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Laidig Cone-Bottom Reclaim System

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Proper storage of your bulk materials is crucial to the success and profitability of your company. Making sure you reclaim all the materials that are stored is just as important. When it comes to reclaim systems, there is one name that is known across the industry…Laidig!

Laidig is widely known as the most reliable and trusted name in material handling and reclaim systems. Solid design, longevity, and custom “turn key” solutions is just part of what makes Laidig so amazing!

That is the reason we have partnered with Laidig… to offer our clients the best reclaim solutions available today.

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Laidig designs, engineers, markets, fabricates, installs, and services their storage and reclaim systems to provide complete “turnkey” material-handling systems, including the reclaimer, storage vessel, and peripheral conveying and handling equipment. Laidig’s highly-qualified team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide solutions for some of the most difficult material handling challenges.


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