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To ensure pellet durability, you need to feel confident that you have the most accurate testing equipment available. We have partnered with industry leader TekPro to provide your company with the most advanced, durable, and most reliable Pellet Durability Testers available today.

TekPro’s “HOLMEN” line of Pellet Durability Testers are in operation throughout the world, many having been in operation since the first testers were installed over 25 years ago. HOLMEN tester’s have quickly become the industry standard Pellet Durability Tester able to give a minute by minute update to help your production efficiency.



TekPro develops and manufactures technology to meet changing market needs. The company is perhaps best known for their market leading Samplex range of bulk samplers and Holmen pellet durability testers. 

The business is supported by a knowledgeable, strong, motivated management team who are backed up by a skilled, determined workforce and they also have a pool of external specialists, equally committed to the success of the business and the satisfaction of its customers.


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