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Having proper air flow, ventilation and air cleanliness is crucial in the day to day operation of a mill. To ensure the most reliable and efficient air handling and separation needs are met, we have partnered with AIRLANCO.

AIRLANCO is the nation’s leading name in aeration products. Aside from manufacturing the most dependable aeration products, AIRLANCO also manufactures top of the line industrial filtration and dust collection equipment. Their product line leads the industry and can be found all acrossed the country in many applications from grain storage to major terminal facilities.

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AIRLANCO – the nation’s leading name in aeration – makes dependable centrifugal and axial fans, ducting, transitions, and other sheet metal and aeration products that are in daily use across North America. AIRLANCO Aeration Systems are custom built for each installation – from farm storage bins to major terminals and more – to provide optimum storage conditions. We are constantly adding to and improving our fan and air duct designs to handle new and more demanding applications.

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