About Chandler Adams LLC

Chandler Adams LLC

Our mission, to sell, supply and service the best industrial processing equipment and control systems available today!

Chandler Adams LLC has been providing top of the line industrial products and services for the past several years. In that time we have helped dozens of industrial companies set up the facilities and systems needed to function. Our products and services have allowed companies all across the country to increase workflow, productivity and improve the overall success of the business. We always work very closely with all of our clients to ensure all needs are met 100%!

Proudly offering Only the Best in industrial processing equipment and control systems.

Our partnership with some of the top industrial product manufacturers in the industry allows us to provide only the best products for your plant or mill. We work closely with top names like Laidig, CPM, Beta Raven, GE, AirLanco, Rotex and others to ensure your product and equipment needs are fully met.

Not only do we have access to the best products on the market, we also have the knowledge and experience to help you set up and utilize all of the equipment for successful day-today operations.

Our Experience and Knowledge Make Us the Best Choice for Your Company!

Our Knowledge, Experience and Partnerships allow us to provide your company with the best solutions for your equipment and systems needs. We provide extensive experience in process design, control system design, and equipment layout. We also offer full system implementation to ensure you are “Operation Ready” right from the start.

Take a Look at All That We Offer

What we can assist you with:

  • Animal Feed Manufacturing
  • Vegetable Oil Extraction
  • Industrial Bulk Product Reclaim Systems
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Wood Pellet Manufacturing
  • Industrial Air Filtration

Our Product and Service offerings:

  • Pellet Durability Testing
  • Steam Harness Components
  • Air Separation and Air Handling
  • Pelleting
  • Particle Size Reduction
  • Oilseed Processing

Products and Services:

  • Mixing and Material Storage
  • Control Systems
  • Dry – Micro Dosing
  • Liquid – Micro Dosing
  • Material Handling
  • Reclaim Systems

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